2007 tokunbo Tacoma 1Gr engine for sale


Brand: 2007 Tokunbo Tacoma 1Gr engine
Condition: Used
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  • Engine code: 1GR-FE
  • Layout: Four stroke, V6, DOHC
  • Fuel type: Gasoline (petrol)
  • Power output: From 240 PS (176 kW; 236 HP) at 5,200 rpm
    to 290 PS (213 kW; 285 HP) at 5,600 rpm
  • Torque output:  From 367 N·m (37.4 kg·m, 270 ft·lb) at 4,000 rpm
    to 377 N·m (38.4 kg·m, 277.8 ft·lb) at 4,400 rpm
  • Weight: 166 kg (366 lbs)
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Elevate Your Ride with the 2007 Tokunbo Tacoma 1GR Engine

Upgrade your vehicle’s performance and reliability with our high-quality 2007 Tokunbo Tacoma 1GR engine. These low-mileage, imported engines offer a cost-effective solution to rejuvenate your Tacoma’s powertrain.

Key Features:

  1. Low Mileage: Our Tokunbo (foreign used) 1GR engines have low mileage, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.
  2. Quality Assurance: Each engine undergoes rigorous testing and inspection to meet quality standards and deliver optimal performance.
  3. Direct Fit: Designed to be a direct replacement for your existing engine, making installation easier and more cost-effective.
  4. Enhanced Power: Experience improved horsepower and torque with our 1GR engine, giving your Tacoma a new level of performance.

How to Buy 2007 tokunbo Tacoma 1Gr engine

Transform your 2007 Toyota Tacoma with the enhanced power and reliability of our Tokunbo 1GR engine. Enjoy the benefits of a low-mileage, high-quality engine upgrade. Explore our selection today to give your Tacoma the performance it deserves.


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