StopTech ST40 big brake kit


  • Condition: Used(great condition)
  • Compatibility: E46 M3 (might work on E36 )
  • 355mm rotor – 4 piston(front)
  • 355mm rotor – 4 piston(rear)
  • has less than 10k miles
  • Comes with 2 spare brand new StopTech and new PFC 8 pads
(10 customer reviews)

Premium st40 big brake kit

Looking for a reliable and high-performance brake kit for your vehicle? Look no further than the used StopTech ST40 big brake kit. This top-of-the-line kit offers unparalleled stopping power and improved brake modulation, ensuring superior performance on and off the track. With its robust construction and innovative design, the StopTech ST40 big brake kit delivers consistent and fade-free braking even under the most demanding conditions. Whether you’re an avid racer or simply want to enhance the braking capabilities of your vehicle, this used brake kit is the perfect choice. Upgrade to the StopTech ST40 big brake kit and experience the difference in your vehicle’s braking performance.

10 reviews for StopTech ST40 big brake kit

  1. Miles M

    So far things went well, awaiting the delivery. I am waiting on another item to be back in stock and I keep getting important updates on it telling me it is still out of stock. What’s up with that?

  2. John Bobbitt

    Fast delivery and easy installation. My daughter loves it! even though the really don’t know what it does.

  3. Sinatra t

    Very clear on what your buying. Lots of good reviews on some products and a little bit lower ratings on others really helps decide what to buy. Along with customer photos. Overall website is very clear and easy to use.

  4. Daddyis Home

    Always get my merchandise on time without any incidents. Great customer service! Thank you!

  5. powell T

    Along with customer photos. Overall website is very clear and easy to use.

  6. Boreg Rippey

    nice everything went smoothly

  7. John Barrack

    great product and customer service delivery was on time too

  8. Perez T

    Prices are good . Shipping is very fast and reasonable considering it’s being shipped to Guam

  9. Louver S

    Rose is beautiful but the materials it came with are of such low quality that the screws will no longer hold after 3 days. I had to get it professionally installed. Better quality material would have made this process a breeze.

  10. george ||

    this high tech brake is really something thanks for recommending

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