toyota tacoma wheel bearing assembly 4X4 BEARING – tacoma wheel bearing upgrade


Item specifics

Condition: A brand-new
OE Spec or Performance/Custom: OE Spec
Brand: Toyota
Other Part Number: 37230 OK030
Type: Support
Interchange Part Number: 372300K030, 37230-0K030
Fitment Type: Direct Replacement
Manufacturer Part Number: 37230-0K030
Mounting Hardware Included: No
Drive Type:4WD
Placement on Vehicle: Rear
UPC: Does not apply
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Mastering the Art of Toyota Tacoma Wheel Bearing Assembly Upgrading your Tacoma’s wheel bearing assembly can significantly improve your vehicle’s performance and longevity.

But, how often should wheel bearings be replaced? And what makes wheel bearing Tacoma upgrades so essential? In the practical world of automotive maintenance, these are questions you surely don’t want to leave unanswered.
Toyota Tacoma Wheel Bearing Assembly A key component of your Tacoma’s hub, brake, and wheel system, the wheel bearing enables the wheels to spin freely and plays an integral role in supporting the vehicle’s weight. An upgrade or regular replacement of your wheel bearings can provide a smoother ride, increased fuel efficiency, and better brake performance.

Is there any downside to making the switch?

Absolutely not! Frequency of Wheel Bearing Replacement Although the wheel bearings of your Tacoma are built to last, they’re not everlasting. General wear and tear, intense driving conditions, and faulty installations can affect their lifespan.

So, how often should they be replaced?

The answer: it varies. Most bearings can last anywhere between 85,000 to 100,000 miles. However, frequent off-road adventures or running heavily loaded may reduce this lifespan. Thus, regular inspections are recommended. You never know when a bearing might shout, “out with the old, in with the new!” read more
tacoma wheel bearing upgrade . Upgrading your Toyota Tacoma wheel bearing assembly can feel like a breath of fresh air. Not only do upgraded bearings provide a quiet and smoother ride, but their seal design can also prevent the ingress of contaminants. It’s like having an invisible shield against the elements!
Considering an Upgrade? Ever thought, “Should I upgrade my Tacoma wheel bearing assembly?” If yes, then it’s time to put that thought into action. After all, your vehicle’s health relies heavily on its wheel bearings! Consider using high-quality assemblies for your upgrade. Remember, investing in your Tacoma’s health can save you from the horrors of unwanted breakdowns!
In the world of Toyota Tacoma wheel bearing assemblies, the motto remains: “Don’t take anything for granted – prevent, protect, and hit the road!” Acting in the best interest of your Toyota Tacoma is not just about making upgrades but ensuring those upgrades deliver quality and durable results. Stay on top of your Tacoma’s maintenance to enjoy the optimum driving experience.
To conclude changing a bearing is absolutely always a great idea get yours now 

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  1. Jaymie Boggs

    I called in and spoke to Brittany. She helped me get the correct wheels ordered for my TACOMA. I’ve been searching for the bearing assy I wanted for 3 years. She was knowledgeable and courteous. She made it a fun experience.

  2. Grace Tompson

    Vehicle specific parts.

  3. Mr Nice

    Super easy to order, Rose’s showed up when expected. Overall happy and will continue to do business with

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